Altitude Adventures Tandem Paragliding

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Join Hugo and Scott this summer on a tandem paragliding flight from Golden’s Mt. Seven and experience the sky first hand. The launch site on Mt. Seven is accessible by 2 wheel drive cars and offers an amazing view of the Columbia Valley and Golden as well as the opportunity to watch other Paragliders and Hanggliders launch. The elevation difference between launch and landing field is approx. 3000 feet or 1000 meters. The landing field is located 7 km. south of Golden in Nicholson.

We’ve answered some FAQs right here for you, read on!

    1. A Paragliding launch is different from skydiving because you don’t jump off anything; your chute is already open above you and lifts you off the ground as you run.
    2. Both children and adults can fly with us, but participants over 200lbs or under 80lbs require special weather conditions so please inform us of your weight at the time of booking.
    3. We will not fly anyone who has had a hip or knee replacement. If you have other medical concerns, please let us know in advance.
    4. Your hands will be free, so you can take a camera if you wish. We also take in-flight photos and videos which are included in the price.
    5. Usually you will be given the opportunity to fly the wing for a bit.
    6. Most flights are fairly straight from the launch area to the landing area, and last approx. 15-20 minutes. Flights may be longer depending upon the time of year, time of day, weather conditions and passenger tolerance.
    7. You will need 1.5 -2 hours total, this includes the drive to launch, set-up and flight.
    8. Paragliding is a completely weather dependent sport.
    9. You will meet the pilot at the landing area, where he will assess the winds and conditions, and decide whether nor not to drive up to launch. Every once in a while you will find the conditions change quickly, and a flight will not be possible. If the flight is postponed, or cancelled even if you’ve driven up to launch and back down, there will be no charge.
    10. Flights cost $250.00 CDN.  Cash only.
    11. Wear sturdy shoes, a jacket and long pants.

For more information call:1-250-439-9446 or email us.